Q. Is there a charge for your services?

ANo. We are an Austin apartment finder & provide a totally FREE apartment search to you, much like the service of a Realtor. The Austin apartments  pay us out of their marketing budget.  In fact, we can  find the most affordable units for you because we know all the current specials and the best matches for you based on your criteria.

Q. Why do I need a locator to help me find an apartment?

A. Apartment hunting can be frustrating and time consuming. With hundreds or thousands of choices, it can be mind boggling. We have a computer database of  all the communities in town (like a Realtor's MLS) that we can search by your criteria. We can streamline your search down to 2-3 hours from 2-3 days using our apartment guide.
All local locators work with the same apartments in Austin, so there is no need  to contact several thinking we have different databases. We suggest you pick  one you feel comfortable with (hopefully us), and discuss your needs to pinpoint for you the ideal and most affordable rental.

Statistics show that we save customers an average of 18 hours of work in finding their home.  After we select the properties to view, We feel sure you will feel comfortable that you know the market, and confident that one of the communities we view will be the ideal one for you.

Q. How else can you help me?

A.  We can advise you on all aspects of your search, and find  those "hard to find" properties that have: 
  •            Unique Floorplans - roommate plans, extra closet space, 
  •             Separate dining rooms
  •             Particular amenities - Gas cooking, condo specs,  garages
  •             Unique Units or exteriors - lofts, townhouses, yards, duplexes        
  •             ASAP move-ins
  •             Short Term leases (and the ones with the smallest upcharges)
  •             Move-in Specials - $0 move-in , 1,2,3, even 4 months Free
  •             New Luxury properties, gated, energy efficient
  •             Big dog pet friendly communities including breed specific policies
  •             Pre-leases and waiting lists
  •             Bus lines, estimated commuting times, maps
  •             Special issues - damaged credit

We know the current specials of each of the communities, their pet policies, deposits, qualifying criteria, amenities, and the "ins and outs" of apartment hunting. Whether you are moving to town or relocating within the city, use our free  locator service to find the best deals.

Q. Will filling out your form allow me to see apartment listings?

A. No and Yes  Our web site www.austin-apt-locator.com does not include apartment listings. However, If you are at the point in your search where you are ready to start working with one of our top experienced apartment locators, he or she will be able to do a customized search for you using the criteria you give us and begin showing you properties right away.

Q. How long will it take for you to help me pick from the apartments in Austin?

A. Approximately 2-3 hours.  One of our Texas Real Estate licensed consultants will search our computer database of all the units  by any or all of  your criteria (price, area, pets, security deposits, school districts, etc). 

After narrowing your choices to a manageable few, we can look at  pictures & floor plans if necessary,  check specials & availability for your time frame to narrow the list to the top  communities to view (usually two to four will do).  We will then escort you or meet you to view the properties, advise you, and answer any questions you may have. 

Q. What about those other online web sites that have searchable databases?  
Why can't I seem to find the "good deals" on their sites? 

 A. Most of the searchable databases online misstate the actual rents especially on newer 
"Class A" properties because they quote the "market rent" before specials. They cannot possibly keep their database updated for ALL properites every day. Plus, they cannot quote the current special rates online because someone could print it out, take it to the community and demand that price (even though it may have expired days or weeks ago). Because of the wide variance among Austin apartments starting rates and varying specials, it's almost impossible to determine and compare the actual "net" rents for properties in your search using online databases.


Q. Why do I need a LOCAL real estate agent ? 

A. Primarily,  to have him/her to shop around for the best specials for your time frame meeting your exact criteria (location, age, energy efficiency, pet policies, low move in cost, etc.) Specials vary often, many times daily, based on availability. For example, one community may have the best price on a newer 2/2 rental one week, but because of the favorable pricing, the available units are leased and the specials are withdrawn. Then another apartment  with an "overstock" of a similar floorplan will come out with a special and be the best "deal" that day - or that week.

Q. Do I have to make an appointment to visit your office, or can I just get a list of properties to visit on my own? 

A.  Some apartment locating companies may give you a list of apartments for you to visit on your own.  However, they will only provide you with a list that includes a small percentage of available apartments, which will greatly limit your options. Just as important, since it probably has not been recently researched, a list will not show the current availability, meaning you would spend most of your time driving around visiting properties that don't have what you need. It would be the same as driving around with a yellow page list.

While almost all communities pay licensed agents a commission to help lease their vacancies, the vast majority will only pay a commission if the agent escorts you to the property on your first visit.  Part of our full service to you is for us to meet either at the office or at one of the apartment communities and provide you with our knowledge and experience to assist you in making an informed decision on leasing your new home.  If someone wants to help you search for an apartment by just giving you a list of places to visit on your own, remember you will be wasting a lot of time driving to places that may not have availability or that may not come close to meeting your criteria. 

Q. What other advantages are there for me to use a locator?

A. We receive 100s of faxes and emails per week updating us on their current rates and special offers. Our office in particular has experienced, mature agents that work full time and constantly exchange information to keep each other up on the latest rent specials, policy changes, and move-in specials, etc. in the market. We do our final research shortly before your viewing of the properties to determine the available and most affordable options for you.

A. Very importantly, we can help advise you on important issues like "Look & Lease" specials. These are additional perks the apartment communities offer as incentives to make application the same day or within 24 hours of your first viewing of the property. These incentives can be substantial and range from a waived deposit to a full month's rent free. So you won't be under undue pressure to lease quickly without knowing your options, we can educate you to the market in advance of your actual viewing. Because you will only be looking at the communities with the best prices that meet your exact specifications, you will be able to find your ideal apartment home in a relatively short period of time, and feel confident with your decision and secure in your move.

Our free locator service can save you lots of time 
and hundreds of dollars in rents and specials, far beyond the value 
of any  small rebate from a "do-it-yourself" online web site.
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Q. Do you have condos  duplexes and townhomes in residential subdivisions also?

A. Yes. We have duplexes, condos and townhomes within communities - not individually owned units. The advantage here is, because they are managed by large management companies, the deposits are generally much lower (varying from $100 to just a few hundred) vs. generally one month deposit or first and last months rent for individually owned properties.

Also, repairs are generally done in a more timely manner, and maintainence is usually much better due to  the full time, on-site staffs. 

You can contact us at 

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 Directions to our Office

Q. Why is it so hard to find hardwood or concrete floors ? 

A. We have seen explosive growth in the 70's, 80's and 90's, and was really just a small college town before then.  Unfortunately, most rentals in the city have been built since the 60's which was past the hardwood floor era.  The rentals built in the 60's 70's, 80's and 90's  and beyond use carpeting.  Very few rentals have replaced the carpeting with wood or concrete.  Getting wood floors + washer/dryer connections is very rare , so that means it is Very Expensive to get.

Q. What about old warehouses or factories that were converted into lofts ? 

A. What few old brick warehouses that were downtown were bulldozed in the 80's, or are being rented to restaurants or nightclubs for very high commercial prices.  There are no old factories that have been converted into apartments in Austin either unfortunately.  The downtown lofts are new construction, not old warehouses. (and most are being sold as condos for over $340 per sq ft- for Example, a 700 sq ft one bedroom is going for about $230,000+)  Austin is nothing like the west coast cities mentioned above, so if that is where you are moving from, be prepared. We can only rent what exists in Austin, but if we can't find it nobody can!



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